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I break you out of the cycle of having to buy leads
and competing with multiple guys over those leads.
My strategies modernize how your ideal customer can find you.
You will show up when they search for HVAC services in your area.
They will come to you directly, so you own the leads yourself.

Trusting someone with your business can be hard.
Most of my clients have been burned before. Have you?
If you want to work with someone that operates with integrity,
watch some of my videos here. Your can get a clear impression
of me and may grow to appreciate my candor. My clients do!

Become More Engaging
A great website is inviting, even if it is about HVAC. When someone visits your site, it needs to be engaging and form a connection with that person. I make sure this is the case.
Your Own Leads
You never need to buy leads and compete with other businesses again. My proprietary strategies get you in front of your ideal customers so they come to your website.
Authority in Your Area
If people perceive you as the #1 HVAC authority in your area, they will call you over anyone else. I create that sense of authority the moment somebody sees you online.
Consultant With Integrity
My clients stay with me for many years. Quality is the only way to make that happen. I love what I do and have no profit goals at all. Quality and good values are my goals.

I'm No Ordinary SEO Consultant

I often talk to HVAC contractors that have tried SEO without success. They ask me why they got burned since SEO obviously works for a lot of businesses out there.

The reason is that the knowledge of how to push a business website to the top of Google is incredibly valuable and thus proprietary. No really good SEO professional would give their knowledge away. Tutorials, books, videos, and articles on the topic are riddled with errors, superficial, and usually written by people that never ranked a website for themselves.

Thus, most services out there are very mediocre. What makes me different is that I was one of the geeks who invented SEO back in 2000 in the first place. To this day, my associates and I are the ones who create and modernize the very strategies that are at the cutting-edge of our industry.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Youtube Video Rankings
  • Webspam Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Multiple Traffic Sources
  • Driven by Powerful Values

SEO for HVAC contractors

Google Maps Hero

Most people check Google maps for testimonials, which makes it a huge hub for people looking to find your business. Optimizing your map listing is an integral part of my SEO process, ensuring that you show up in the map at the top of Google. This brings your target customers to your website and direct calls through the map itself.

Local HVAC Marketing

HVAC and plumbing are old-school crafts with high income and lots of competition. In fact, you can feel as if there was no competition if you do what others are too old-school to do: dominate the places online where your ideal customer looks for AC repair. If you are well positioned on Google and YouTube, you get the lion’s share no matter how many competitors there are.

Brand Consulting

Your brand matters, even as an HVAC contractor. People can become fans of your business and will send you referrals if they respect you, and if your brand is memorable. Most business websites are not engaging. I help you to make a connection right from the moment someone lands on your website.

Legendary ROI

Ranking in Google brings 10x more traffic than running ads. No HVAC contractor or plumber has ever been setup to handle the amount of business that is actually available on Google and social media. This is why my clients usually grow their business and see an ROI between 10-30 of what they are spending.

Clean & Safe SEO

Great SEO can bring you to new heights in Google and get you customers. Bad and average SEO can damage your rankings instead. My proprietary strategies are modern, robust, and clean to enable future-proof success for you and me both. Over the years, I have even brought back a few websites that once got penalized by Google.

Paid Search Advertising

I am big on making you show up in all the important places online, except for ads. Buying traffic and leads is for businesses that don’t show up organically in Google and elsewhere. My whole purpose is to make you visible so that you don’t need to waste advertising dollars anymore. Ads for plumbers and HVAC are very expensive while organic traffic is free – and there is a lot more of it.

Plumber & HVAC SEO

Is a Consultant Better Than an SEO Agency?

Here’s why an individual consultant like me is the better choice for you.

All of the best SEO whizzes I know are financially independent. They sit in their home office, making a killing with ads on their websites and doing SEO for businesses like yours. Making a living online is easy if you can rank websites.

Imagine you had such a whizz applying their skills to your website! That’s who you’d want, and that’s the kind of person I am.

Big agencies look professional but their SEO workers are employees. If they ever get good enough, they just rank a site for themselves and quit. You’re never working with a real pro if you go to an agency.

Stop Buying Leads. Get People to Find You Instead!

Leave Your Competition Behind You Online

Your HVAC Marketing Consultant

Overview of things to know

SEO for HVAC Contractors

Hi, my name is Thor (but I rarely swing a hammer around :)), and I specialize in modernizing the way customers find contractors like you.


HVAC is an old-school craft and you may be an old-school person. But your customer base is huddled online today – on social media, Google, and YouTube.


Around 90% of the whole population uses Google. So when looking for HVAC services, 90% of your area is huddled in the same spot: the top area of the Google search results. This encompasses 3-4 ads, a map with 3 businesses featured on it, and the top 10 list of websites below that.


If you show up in the map section and the #1 spot, 40% of everyone interacts with you. They can click to your site from the map or listing, they can read testimonials, and they can instantly call you from the map if they are on their phone.


That’s why ranking on Google is the most important position to be in for any local business, not just contractors. Literally every other platform put together gets the remaining 10% of all web traffic. In fact, websites like Yelp get most of their traffic from Google themselves. Thus, such sites are second-hand sources of customers.


SEO or search engine optimization is the craft to bring a website of any kind into a top position in the search engine. It is extremely valuable for a business like yours because it produces leads on autopilot. People just find you on their own because you show up the moment they are searching.


I have been doing SEO since I was a teenage computer whizz back in 2000, and I was one of the guys who invented it (not the only person, of course).


Read on and see some of my videos here on the site to learn more.

How to get HVAC Leads?

It’s time to cut out the middleman and stop paying for leads. A site like Home Advisor ranks well on Google, so people go there and are sold to contractors as leads. Then you have to compete against, say, five other guys who bought the same one.


It is better to show up yourself when people are searching on Google, so your ideal customer comes to you directly – either through Google Maps or the normal search results. This way, you don’t need to compete as customers call only you.


Every medium monetizes its traffic in some way with ads or leads. If you rank on Google, the traffic is free and you can get way more of it than other media can.


So the whole idea of getting HVAC leads by purchasing them is sub-par and lacks quality. Not only is it expensive and limited, it also means someone “found” you without choosing to. That means they have no connection to you and are less likely to become customers than someone who found you at the top of Google and has a positive impression.


Given that nearly everyone uses Google, the amount of postential business is even bigger than on any other platform. After all, other platforms are mostly fed by traffic from Google themselves.


My profession is to work with businesses like yours to get your web presence to the top of Google in your area so that you become the HVAC authority that everybody can see. There is no need to fight over scraps and rely on third party sources.

A Trusted Advisor for Your Online Presence

It is one of my specialties not only to rank your web presence on Google and YouTube, I also serve as a trusted brand consultant. Ideally, I like turning a brand into a hero brand, which is a company that stands for something and is very connectible.


Peope like sharing cute pictures on social media, so HVAC and other industries aren’t very attractive for such a platform. But there is still a social aspect involved when someone lands on your website and most of your competitors fail to recognize that.


Few local business sites are compelling. Oftentimes they are dreary, don’t even show the faces of the people working there, and lack a lot of information. They also tend to use a lot of meaningless marketing speak that no one wants to read. No one stands apart, no one is playful and surprises the visitor. No one is engaging and makes a connection to that person.


I help you to shape the way you appear to the people out there, and I advise you on making certain changes – such as using video content to make a connection to your potential customers. If people can see your face and hear you talk, it makes you human. This gets more website visitors to turn into customers, extracting even more value from those Google rankings.


There are many ways to engage people online and turn into a brand that people respect and like. And if they like it, they share it and send you referrals as well. Together, you and I are going to brainstorm a lot on what you can do to become a better company in this way.


The ROI of Getting Free HVAC Leads Via SEO

If you have read the first section, you know that 90% of all people use Google when looking for services like yours, and 40% of those people interact with your web presence if you rank in Google maps and at the top the organic search results. Together, that is 90% x 40% = 36% of everyone that needs your services.


So if 1000 households a month need HVAC services, 900 of them will use Google, and 360 of them will interact with you via calls and website visits. You bet there is a lot of business in that for you!


By the way, only 135 of those people would click on an ad in Google. Since there are usually 4 ads, you may get around 33 visits to your website per month from that. This is why SEO and organic rankings are so powerful. Not only is the traffic free, there is way more of it since people don’t like clicking on ads and scroll past them.


SEO for HVAC contractors is a service that may cost a couple grand a month. The value of the traffic and work you get from that is usually dozens of times more valuable to your business. So not only does SEO produce more traffic, it also needs a smaller investment than ads.


Google ads for “ac repair” in a particular city are often above $100 per click. So if you get a few hundred people to interact with you thanks SEO, you’re looking at free traffic worth a 5 figure amount just in ad value.


I’ve never worked with a contractor of any kind who was setup to handle the amount of customers added to their business, meaning you will be able to expand if you want to.


The ROI for all of my clients is anywhere in the 10-60 times what they spend. It depends on the business and city.