Who can forget the classic jingle to promote heat pumps? These systems hit the market hard in the late 1980s because they heated, cooled, and saved. However, what the marketing ploy didn’t tell people is how long these comfort systems would last. The longevity of a heat pump is […]

If you’ve got a heat pump, then you may have noticed that your thermostat has a couple of extra settings on it: auxiliary heat and emergency heat. Their names do give some hints about their functions, but it’s hard to tell exactly what they do just from looking at them. […]

Homeowners don’t think much about what’s inside their HVAC units. They flip the switch from cool to heat and go on about their daily lives. It’s only when a problem occurs that they even hear about the refrigerant in their systems. […]

Installing an Attic HVAC Unit Installing an HVAC system may seem pretty useful on the surface. After all, if you’re hot, you get an air conditioner, and if you’re cold, you get a heater. Sure, you may have to be careful about picking an AC in your budget, but it’s still pretty straightforward, right? […]